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Biggest private university in Hungary

Budapest Metropolitan University is the biggest private University in Hungary with a student community of 6,500 with more than 800 international students.

We offer a wide selection of bachelor and master degree programs in the fields of communication, business, tourism and arts. We have the widest art portfolio in Hungary

MyBrand - a unique training system

Successful, modern universities have already realised that they can prepare their own students for the unknown future by introducing the portfolio-based educational system.

In accordance with the international trends, Metropolitan has pioneered to transform its educational system and introduced the portfolio-based system first in Hungary.

Committed to support talented students

Fostering talent and hard work is a core value at Metropolitan University. That’s why we have a variety of scholarships and discounts available for our students. 

You can apply for several different scholarships during your studies such as METU Study Grant, National Higher Education Scholarship, Sport Scholarship, MNB Scholarship of Excellence and Scientific and Professional Scholarsip.

Study at our partner universities

Erasmus+ and other scholarship programs aim to broaden our students’ horizons by discovering new cultures, to help enrich educational environment, and to contribute to building a pool of well-qualified, open minded and internationally experienced young people. As a participant of the Erasmus +  exchange program students can spend 1 or 2 semesters studying at a partner higher education institution abroad. An exchange will also improve your soft skills, such as problem- solving, curiosity, creativity, independence and adaptability.

Why Metropolitan?



We prepare you for the challenges of the job market with our myBRAND training.

Accredited degrees

Metropolitan degrees are internationally recognized and accredited.


We provide foreign experience and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

Easy application

online application system, assistance through all steps and visa application

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What can you study

at Budapest Metropolitan University?

Business, communication
and tourism



What did our students say about Metropolitan?

Why Budapest?

Budapest, the "UniverCity"

Student life
History and culture
Affordable Prices

Budapest leaves everyone with a different impression. With its diversity, you can find a place for culture, fun, history, education, or relaxation. And as a sparkling “UniverCity,” it’s full of students from all around the world, with a sizzling night-life. The city stretches along both sides of the Danube, representing the many faces of the Hungarian capital. There’s the historic Buda side, with its castle district, Turkish baths, Roman ruins, medieval alleys, caves and countless green areas spread out among the hills. The other side is Pest, with its ever changing promenades, stores, restaurants, bars and bubbling cultural life.

Come and have a sip for yourself.
What does Budapest taste like to you?

Why will you love Hungary?

Oscar awards
Nobel prizes
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Olympic medals

Hungary welcomes everyone. Hungarians enjoy having guests in their country, and that includes you. The mix of young and old, foreigner and local is what moves Hungary forward.

Classical and modern can be experienced in music, architecture, cuisine, or entertainment. And that’s not all. Thanks to the mixture of genes, knowledge and education, Hungary has brought great academic talents to the world.

Did you know that Hungary also boasts some inventions that are famous and used all over the World?
Microsoft Word and Excel, the safety matches, Rubik’s cube, ballpoint pen, helicopter and Vitamin C were all discovered by Hungarians.

Did you know that....

  • Hungary is one of the oldest countries in Europe It was founded in A.D. 896, before France, Germany or England
  • Budapest has the highest number of thermal springs in the world. 70 million liters of thermal water rise to the surface of the earth daily. Hungary has public bathing practices that go back to Roman times.
  • Budapest has the oldest subway-line in mainland Europe. The Millenium Underground Railway line was constructed in 1896. It is the third oldest underground railway in the world after “Tünel” in Istanbul, and the London Underground.
  • Budapest is home to one of the largest music festivals in the world. Around 400,000 people from all over the world flock to the Sziget Festival every August.

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