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Why Hungary?

Safe, friendly and affordable

According to Global Peace Index, Hungary is amongst the 20 safest countries around the world and living expenses are much more affordable in Hungary than in any Western European country.

Diverse and international capital city

With its diversity, you can find a place for culture, fun, history, education, or relaxation. And as a sparkling “UniverCity,” it’s full of students from all around the world, with a sizzling night-life.

Rich culture and lots of opportunities

Did you know that Hungary also boasts some inventions that are famous and used all over the World?
Microsoft Word and Excel, the safety matches, Rubik's cube, ballpoint pen, helicopter and Vitamin C were all discovered by Hungarians.

Why Metropolitan?


METU is the biggest private higher education institution in Hungary, with wide variety of programs in the field of communication, business, tourism, and art 


Practice-oriented education and teachers who are renowned professionals in their field 

Student life

Amazing international student community and student life with clubs, sports and events 

What can you study?

BA Programs
Communication and Media Science

International Relations


MA Programs
Communication and Media Studies

BSc Programs
Business Administration and Management
Commerce and Marketing
Finance and Accounting


MSc Programs
Management and Leadership
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

BSc Programs
Tourism and Catering


MSc Programs
Tourism Management

BA Programs
Environmental Design

BA Programs
Media Design

BA Programs
Film and Media Studies

BA Programs
Graphic Design


MA Programs
Graphic Design

MA Programs
Art and Design Management

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For non-EU students



For EU students

Accepted payments

Bank transfer

How to apply?

Apply in 6 easy steps!

Need more help?

With our 6-step application guide you can get everything in one place: checklist of the neccessary documents, language and maths requirements, and we’ll guide you through the application procedure.

To be able to start your studies in Budapest, you will need a special student visa entitling you to a Hungarian residence permit. With our Visa Assistance Package, we help you go through this application process successfully! 

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Budapest Metropolitan University Students

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